Fire Safety and Emergency Planning

Anubis Systems Technologies’ experienced professionals will survey your project and produce highly detailed CADDed floor plans and manuals which comply with Provincially accepted standards and formatting.  Our Fire Alarm Inspection page outlines the daily, and monthly responsibilities, but if your building has a sprinkler system, generator, or fire pump, then additional inspection and testing is required.  We provide the necessary training for the designated Fire Safety Officer, Deputy(ies), and Floor Wardens as required to ensure daily, weekly, monthly quarterly, and semi-annual testing of your project’s life safety equipment and systems is performed both confidently and competently.  The necessary forms you’re required to complete, specific to your project, is provided so that this testing can be properly documented.

We can also demonstrate fire drill procedures and provide training on your building’s specific life safety equipment and systems.  This includes:

  • Smoke Control Systems
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Extinguishment and Releasing Systems
  • Emergency Generators
  • Fire Pumps
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • E-COMM Radio Amplification & Repeater Systems
  • Emergency Voice Communication Systems (EVCS)
  • Dedicated Detection and Recall Controllers (DDRC)
  • Emergency Elevator Operation
  • Fire Curtain Assemblies

It’s extremely important that building management is familiar with ALL life safety equipment that’s installed, it’s proper function, and maintenance / testing procedures.  We make it our business to ensure your manuals are updated on a regular basis and will contact you when amendments or additions are required.

For a no-obligation survey or your project, please feel free to Contact Us, or call 778-863-7147.






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