Professional  Consultation

Architects, Engineers, Contractors, and Owners all benefit from our premier professional consultation services.  We provide expert advice on system layout, installation, implementation, maintenance, commissioning and testing. 

As an Owner or Property Manager, are you receiving the service(s) you’re paying for?  For a nominal fee, we can review your inspection, Commissioning (Integrated Testing) and Verification reports, identify areas requiring improvement, and assist you in obtaining the level of service and maintenance that will guarantee compliance with Division “C” Sentence of the British Columbia Fire Code (2012).


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Anubis Systems Technologies knowledgeable experts are experienced in providing insurance risk assessments and pre-purchase audits of building life safety equipment and systems.  Why leave anything to chance?


Forensic  Investigative  Services


We provide professional forensic investigation of building life safety equipment & systems to determine pre-incident operational status and identify issues that may have impacted performance or functionality.

For more information you can email us or telephone (778) 863-7147.








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