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Nothing is more critical to occupant safety than identifying and illuminating a safe path to egress in a fire or other emergency.  Identifying an exit route in service rooms is equally important for those maintenance personnel that might be working in your mechanical room or transformer vault.  Their ability to safely negotiate their way out of a room full of hazards becomes problematic if there is no means to SEE the exit.

Self-contained exits pose a unique testing challenge.  Sadly, they are just as likely to have been ignored during the annual service of your building’s unit emergency lighting by the previous testing agencies you may have employed.  They are also seldom identified in the Fire Safety Plan as requiring monthly testing.  While they utilize new LED technology, it is because they incorporate their own charger and integral stand-by battery that makes documenting their required annual testing identical to unit emergency lighting assemblies (a practice that ASTTBC has yet to enforce).  One of the first things we will undertake in your project is to identify these stand-alone units, so we can propose incorporating the testing methodology identified in the illustration below.  You can be assured they will function in an emergency as required by the British Columbia Fire Code (2018).


Self Powered Exit Test Point



Terminal strip installation allows functional testing of the standby battery and charger in a dual function exit sign.  (Diagram courtesy of the Fire Technicians Network)


Anubis’ trained professionals are fully conversant with the challenges posed by the introduction of new escape marking technologies that include self illuminated emergency route marker systems and exits.




The British Columbia Fire Code (2018) requires all emergency light packs to undergo a rigorous inspection and operational test process on an annual basis.  Our technicians ensure these requirements are satisfied and will present you with a detailed synopsis of the inspection process that includes the anticipated battery replacement date so you can budget accordingly.  Changes to the British Columbia Building Code (2018) can effect the minimum operational period for stand-alone unit emergency lighting (which includes stand-alone exit signs).  Contact your service professionals at Anubis Systems Technologies for more information!




Mission critical infrastructure is often supported by Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems.  We have access to the full range of modern solutions and are equally proficient in servicing building and computer room UPS systems.

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