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Anubis Systems Technologies

The Lower Mainland's Premier
Fire Alarm Verification (CAN/ULC-S537)
and Integrated Life Safety Systems
Testing (CAN/ULC-S1001) Agency

"Security for Life"

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(For homeowners with ten year old multi-station type smoke alarms or who may be contemplating changing their existing units!)



You may have a sprinkler flow switch (or switches) tied into your smoke alarms. Older model alarms switched normal household voltage in order to sound an audible alert when the flow switch was activated. Modern smoke alarms will only switch 9 volts DC (the output from a standard transistor type battery). Applying 110 VAC to such a system will result in the destruction of any interconnected alarms and may even cause a FIRE. Please contact us for more information!


Anubis Systems Technologies provides professional fire alarm Verification Inspection
and servicing of building life safety systems to customers in Vancouver
and across the British Columbia Lower Mainland.

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